Topic: It Has Been Claimed That Workers over 50 Are Not Responsive to Rapidly Changing Ideas in the Modern Workplace and That for This Reason Younger Workers Are to Be Preffered. to What Extent Would or Support or Reject This Idea? 250 Words

Topics: Employment, Experience, Youth Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: April 14, 2012
These days, headquarters face paced, technologically advanced. Thus, many people say that between a younger candidate and an older employee, the recruited council should choose the former because of their adaptation to the new environment. I completely disagree with this point of view.

The first reason why older employees are valuable is that they have accumulated knowledge over many years in the workforce. The fifty-year-old laborers have more life experiences than fresh post-college job prospects. These older employees have the experiences to finish tasks given by the employers more easily. Similarly, these more experienced individuals also can identify their abilities and choose suitable positions to apply. This is contrary to younger people who apply to any jobs they like, not caring about their qualifications. For instance: is a reliable website for finding jobs in Vietnam and also helps companies to select the best applicants for their available positions. This site often complains that there are a large amount of young people who send similar application to all positions that they read on the websites.

The second reason, that supports to select older workers, comes from characters of over-fifty workers. They are more mature and careful than younger workers. Older workers have more experience dealing with problems and troubleshooting to fix them. They may be easier to work with because of previous experience working as part of a team. Also, they are more likely to stay in a job at a company longer as young people move more frequently. The facts show that they always accept their jobs not only in good times, but also in the worst situations. Actually, in this economy crisis, the employers usually choose new workers to let go when cuts need to be made, rather than the older more valuable workforce.

To conclude, a Vietnamese saying goes: the older gingers are, the spicier they are. This is similar in the job force, as older...
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