Top Three Mistakes Students Make

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Top Three Mistakes Students Make
Brookelyn Brookover
Miller-Motte Technical

Are you one of those three million students who start college? Feeling scared, nervous, and excited, ready to live the college life you’ve always wanted. But you don’t want to disappoint your parents or flunk out. Also do you not want to be a typical college student? Well attending college you are always going to make mistakes. It’s your first year to actually know what college life is like. To help you succeed, here’s some tips. There are five main mistakes college students make. I’m going to tell you the top three main mistakes that I think is helpful.

The number one mistake students make is cutting class. Most students think they can miss six to ten lectures in each course an pass by just fine. However, it doesn’t really work that way. Each lecture contains three percent of the course content, and costs about 1/350th of the tuition. If you actually think about that fact, what’s the point even missing class? You are just wasting your money away. Well let’s just state reality; students think about it as it’s just my parents money, who cares. So to encourage your child not to miss class have a talk with them. Show them that partying, getting lazy, or just not wanting to go to class effects them in the long run. Scare your child with that fact of missing just one, one simple class is throwing away three percent of you tuition.

If the number one mistake was cutting class, can you guess the second most mistakes made? Here’s a hint: I think I’ll just double up on my classes this semester to knock out my credits. Yes, overloading is the correct answer. Students think it’s a point of pride to load up on classes. They will try to put as many classes as the college will allow them. Even better, they will go for a double or triple major. Students this is not going to help you like you think. When you overload on a semester, your putting too much...
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