Fears of a College Student

Topics: Education, Anxiety, University Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Being a college student, I, myself, encounter fears that a college student usually feels. Experiencing these, for me, is just a normal thing that we need to live through as college students. These worries come from simple to complicated things that we encounter in college life.

First on a college student’s list of fears is the thought of having failing grades. Of course, no one wants a failing grade. Grades are proof that we understand what is being inculcated to us. It is important for us to pass the exams for we couldn't pass the course we desire if we fail these exams.

Second on our list is the fear of being unable to understand or comprehend the lessons being taught by our instructors. In this stage of our lives, every lesson should be taken seriously for we know that these lessons are related with each other and we cannot understand the next unless we comprehend the first one. Thus, being unable to understand one might lead you to a “lose of track.”

Lastly is the fear of lacking money in paying the tuition fee o other fees. There are many college students that are being sent in school by their parents despite of their economic status in life. We all know that sending a college student to school requires a lot of money for it’s really costly. And this thing is an additional worry to a college student for he or she might be unable to continue his or her studies.

These are just some of the fears that are experienced by most college students. These could give us positive and negative effects. Experiencing fear, sometimes, may lead us to negative thinking. This could also reduce our focus in what we do. But often times, we are being challenged by these things and we become wise and courageous to find ways to avoid or if not, at least to succeed them.
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