Top 10 Interveiw Question and Answer

Topics: Learning, Working class, Study skills Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: July 18, 2011
1. Introduce yourself
Before I start, I’d like to thank you for give me this opportunity by conducting this interview. My name is Jing Shen, and you can call me Jane, I am from Dailian, I was studying and working in Ireland for last 9 years, I got my Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance at 2008 from Dublin Business school, and just before that, I got a certificate of Business English issued by higher education and training awards council Ireland.

During my study, I also held various part-time jobs, for these jobs, I learned many valuable qualities, e.g. my first job was in a small coffee shop which had only 3 staff, from this job, I learned how to work in a very busy environment both effectively and efficiently.

At 2008, I found a job in shell petrol station as a cash counter, from this job, I learned the ability of prudence by conducting daily stock check and cash counting.

2. What is your least likely subject in school and why?
I do not have a particularly subject that I don’t like during my study, however, these were few subjects that I had less interest than other, in these cases, I would spend more time on these less interested subject, and over time, these subjects often became more and more interesting to me during the study, on the other hand, for these subjects that I preferred, I naturally would study with pleasure, that why my overall result for every subject was quite balanced.

3. Greatest advantage
I think my greatest advantage is taking job/task seriously and have the quality of prudence which probably results from my study of accounting. I am a good team player, I like co-ordinate with others and quite open to take advice/different opinions from others. I enjoy working under pressure and enjoy taking challenges.

As result of various part time jobs I have during these years, I am also a very good adaptor, I can learn new suffers in a very short time and transfer them to useful working knowledge.

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