Tomorow When the War Began

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Classic books often send messages to the audience about human’s heroism in difficult situation; how they feel and act. Classic novels may also express to the readers what, how life really is; the realism of really how endings could have ended whether is it a happy ending or not. In this case of “Tomorrow, When the War Began”, John Marsden shows the audience a realistic portrayal of the world. The themes are poignant; this is not a love story even though it contains messages about teenage relationships. The novel touches the importance of courage, dependence on each other and faith.

John Marsden applies his rarely unique and yet important as ever in everybody’s life: expressing and addressing the readers about the stage of self-exploring by retelling the characters when the plot progress to the climax. Showing the real maturity of the characters is a special theme to deliver to the audiences, it would take a real in-depth knowing and understanding to apply it to the characters. John used Ellie, the protagonist, the narrator to show the differences of choices and thoughts from her and the people around her. It’s a difficult situation for Ellie and her friends but they show their maturity when it’s needed to overcome such emotional issues or physical situation. To pick the best one out, it’s going to be Homer because he, described by Ellie and Fi, practically changed from a naughty and nosy boy into a brave, caring boy who happened to act like a natural leader. Although, Lee and Ellie may have had improvements in other areas such as in their emotional issues, they have definitely developed and somehow as far as we know it, affected Ellie. The plot gets thickened by the actions of the group of teenagers and that’s involved another idea that has been heavily involved in the plot which is courageous.

People say “courage” is what it takes to be a true hero; someone who actually do stuff and not someone who do nothing and takes the credit. John Marsden, in...
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