After the War - 1

Topics: Fiction, Character, Affect Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: December 13, 2012
After The War:
A Journey Through The War


Would say that setting plays an important role in a novel? It doesn’t matter if the main theme contributes to the setting, how the characters affect the setting, or symbolism also contributes to the setting, setting is important. Which one can’t help but to ask is how? How is setting important? The setting of After the War was the most important role because it influences plot, characters, and theme/symbolism. Later on this book, these topics will be explained briefly then soon you will understand why setting is important.

Firstly, the setting influences the plot of After the War because it depends on the setting how the plot is going to be affected. In the book, the most common thing that was happing was Ruth keeps on going to different places. This point is written by Carol when she says to the readers, “Ruth goes on a mission to the children at the hideout to safety in Palestine” (Carol Matas 22). This briefly explains that Ruth is the major character of the story. The second major plot was in Italy, when the narrator says to the readers, “We arrive at a beautiful old villa tucked in the hill in Italy” (Carol Matas 60). The setting affects this plot is because plot development depends on the setting. The final major plot was in Palestine, where Ruth is saying to the readers, “That I really am leaving Europe behind me, Poland behind me, and I’m going somewhere people just want me” (Carol Matas 86). I putted this quotation because to let you know that how many places she has been through just to be at Palestine. That is how the setting influences plot of After the War.

Secondly, the setting influences characters of After the War because the setting also shows the affects it has on the characters. In the book, Ruth has to know the histories of kids, what happen to them in the past so it starts off with Sarah, living in a sewer for rest of her life hiding from the Nazis. The narrator says...
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