Tom Thomson Unsolved Mystery

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Death Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: May 25, 2013
“Someday they will know what I mean.”– Tom Thomson

There are a lot of different arguments about how the great painter Tom Thomson died. Some believed he committed suicide or had a tragic accident or even drowned, some thought that he was killed because of a debt or an argument about the war. I believe that there are only 2 plausible theories: he committed suicide or he was murder. Since his death, Thomson's work has grown in value and popularity. In 2002, the National Gallery of Canada staged a major exhibition of his work; giving Thomson the same level of fame as Picasso, Renoir, and the Group of Seven. This could be one of the reasons why he would commit suicide so that he art could live on/ so he is able to support he wife Winnie. Another reason why he would have commits suicide was Thomson’s secret engagement to Winfred Trainor. Shannon Fraser (the owner of Mowat Lodge) had told Charles Plewman (writer and friend of Thomson) that Tom was under extreme pressure to marry. Many believed that there was so much pressure from Winnie because she was pregnant. Tom was probably so scared of having this baby that he would rather take his own life that than raise a child. I also believe that he committed suicide because an artist by name of Katie Ohike did a piece call the Tom Thomson’s Paddle. When she was creating the piece she said: “When creating this piece I was struck by how deliberate you must wrap something 17 times”. This just proves that there was no way this was an accident, it porves that this had to be a murder or a suicide.
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