Tok - Propaganda, Opinion, Knowledge

Topics: Truth, Belief, Accept Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 21, 2008
What criteria do you use to distinguish between knowledge, opinion and propaganda?

In the 21st century society, we are immersed in mass media and absorb all kinds of information. With this amount of information, we ask basic questions about the authenticity of the information itself. We can get information from seeing, hearing things, school, friends or even just watching TV. We are exposed to propaganda and opinion everyday, but how much of that information do we accept into our knowledge? What criteria do I use to decide what is knowledge and what is not. We come across knowledge claims everyday throughout the day. Accepting knowledge is based on many variables, which lie within the characteristics of a person. Judgements on a claim may rely on the way it is presented. For example, a claim made by a person dressed in a smart suit compared to a person dressed in rags. I make the assumption that a smartly dressed person is more educated and sophisticated. This criterion is not entirely accurate though, because many companies employ this strategy to endorse their product. We sometimes accept knowledge without the need of reason but for purpose. Such as a monk that accepts that his God is real for the sake of faith and piety. Another type of acceptance is acceptance to avoid error. Such as I know that all objects is made from atoms. I accept this with respect to obtaining the truth and avoiding error. Another factor for me to accept knowledge is from where the source of knowledge is coming from. I find it much more reliable that a source is knowledge is coming from a teacher or even a scientist. However, I know that these people are not perfect and can even make mistakes. Sometimes a scientist makes false claims. I would find it harder to accept knowledge from someone who is homeless or not a scholar. I can also accept knowledge I already believe to be true using other knowledge and common sense. There are many criterion that help decide...
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