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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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“The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility”- Tanmay Dhanopia 11th C
As we all know that possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility, sometimes both ethical responsibility and knowledge confuses us in making certain decisions. One fine morning I was sitting in my house’s balcony enjoying the lovely weather, I started reading a newspaper whose headline which was “the improvement in cosmetics by animal testing” attracted me as the whole article was providing details about all the tests which are being performed by cruel scientist on poor animals just to advance their cosmetic items, so that it succeeds in the market and earn them a lot of money. Our knowledge states that it is unethical to do tests on poor animals as it hurts them too if they experiment doesn’t succeed and might result in number of side effects which the animal has to bear by himself. But if we consider this situation with the scientist’s view we will get to know that he is doing it for the sake of millions of people who all will use the product in future. This might save millions of lives which might get lost if they don’t introduce the product in the market without testing it on the animals as the might be harmful or unstable which might result in various diseases. In the case of animals, they too have feelings and emotions and also feel the pain if the product results dangerous which the humans can’t feel because the animals can’t express their feelings as the animals can’t communicate with the human beings.

According to business firm like Reliance corporation, they consider profit as their main motive which their knowledge says to do so but their ethical responsibility is to pay their employees the right salary which they deserve by their hard work. The ethical responsibility also states that Reliance should provide facilities like better working conditions which would motivate their workers and make them work more efficiently as a result Reliance...
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