Tok: Can We Ever Know Anything Purely Through Emotion? How Do Emotions Interact with Reason, Sense Perception and Language?

Topics: Perception, Sense, Psychology Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: November 8, 2012
In my opinion I do not think that we can know anything purely through emotion because emotions are “reactions or responses related to sense perceptions, internal states, thoughts or beliefs about things or people, real or imagined.” (Emotion as a WOK, Mondelli) Also emotions without the other three areas of knowledge emotions would have no way of expression because to be able to recognize what you feel you have to have logic and reason. To be able to feel your emotions you have to have your sense perception. To be able to say what you feel to yourself and other people around you have to know the correct language and be able to communicate those feelings and emotions.

However some people may argue that you can know things purely through emotion if you believe that emotion and instinct are one and the same. For example we know that animals have instincts they follow based on something they feel inside that has been inlaid into their subconscious by the generations before them and experiences they have had. Now some people say that those instincts are emotions that are at the very core primal that there is no explanation of how they know to flee before they can see a predator, there is just something deep inside their brain that says to flee. That instinct to flee is an emotion without reason, sense perception, or language they just know. Also people have these emotions, instincts but due to civilization and progress in the world the primal instincts that used to rule our ancestors the nomads millions of years ago no longer are as innate and prominent in people as they are in animals and because of that people base our knowledge of emotions on reason, sense perception, and language. Emotions interact with reason in the way that reason and logic allow us to recognize and understand what our emotions are. “Reasoning allows us to judge whether a reaction “makes sense” in its’ context.” (Emotion as a WOK, Mondelli) I know that when I am working on a really hard math...
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