Toilet Training for Children

Topics: Defecation, Toilet, Urination Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Basic steps for toilet training

* Choose a start day, perhaps when you have no plans to leave the house. * Stop using nappies (except at night and during daytime sleeps). Begin using underpants or training pants. You can even let your child choose some underpants, which can be an exciting step for him. * Dress your child in clothes that are easy to take off – for example, trousers with elastic waistbands, rather than full body suits. In warmer weather, you might like to leave her in underpants when at home. * Sit your child on the potty each day at times when he’s likely to have a bowel movement, like 30 minutes after eating or after having a bath. * Give your child lots of fibre to eat and water to drink so she doesn’t become constipated, which can make toilet training difficult. Your child’s diet is the best way to handle this, rather than buying fibre supplements. * If your child doesn’t cooperate or seem interested, just wait until he’s willing to try again. * Give your child positive praise for her efforts (even if progress is slow), and lots of praise when she’s successful. You could say ‘Well done Janey for sitting on the potty’. As she achieves each stage, reduce the amount of praise. * Look out for signs that your child needs to go to the toilet – some cues include changes in posture, passing wind and going quiet. * At different stages throughout the day (but not too often), you might ask your child if he needs to go to the toilet. Gentle reminders are enough – it’s best if your child doesn’t feel pressured. * Five minutes is long enough to sit a child on the potty or toilet. It’s best not to make your child sit on the toilet for long periods of time, because this will feel like punishment. * You’ll need to wipe your child’s bottom at first, until she learns how. Remember to wipe from the front to the back, particularly with little girls. * Teach your boy to shake his penis after a wee to get rid of any drops....
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