Together We Stand Letter Outline

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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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I.Letter to the Company about Disposing Chemicals in our home location A.Utilizing medical examinations
1. Get children and adults tested for illnesses 2. Draw blood
3. See if there is any common relation to the spilling and the effects that are are occurring in the community B.Is it affecting whole community or just a specific area? 1.Look at the community and the area that the disposal is occurring. 2.How close is the disposal area to the community 3.Check the water supply to see if the chemicals have contaminated water 4.Do test on the soil for contamination C.What are the symptoms?

1.Are they all the same or are they different 2.Are the illness treatable or is it permanent 3.Is it deadly?

D.Ask the company.
1.What specifically are they disposing of 2.Does it cause harm or not 3.What are the hazardous aspects associated 4.Find out and research what they are disposing 5.Ensure they are taking proper precautions when disposing 6.Ask if they could move the area where they are disposing their chemicals E.Petition to get the company to move the area 1. Find a better ways or a different location to dispose of the chemicals. 2.Ensure that the new...
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