Together We Stand

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Together we stand

Yajaira I. Guzman
02 December 2012
Christina Hon


Together we stand


I will describe how we can do to improve our Community’s Health. How we must do the necessary research to solve the problem. Explaining, how we can be affected and how we can work together to trying to find a solution. Explaining where we can see some sign, if we are affected.


Together we stand

Together we stand
To whom it may concern

Our community it nice to live in, we have amenities and the benefits of living close to the big city. How we know, some years pass several people and our children in our community start to develop extensive and similar illnesses. Our community has been affected by worrying diseases. We do not know who is the responsible and the cause of this yet, but we start to research the possible cause for those illness. We believe that the reason could be a company’s unsafe chemical-disposal practices.

Everyone needs to be together and fight with this. We need to be in touch, to talk about the symptoms, see if these are the same. I insist that if any member of your family is affected by any kind of these sign, that can affect our nervous system, skin, respiration, nose, throat and eyes, please go to the nearest medical facility, in order to avoid further complications. Some of the unsafe chemical disposal could cause the death. Some chemical agent are colorless, tasteless an odorless. Those can cause the death rapidly if we inhale them or if they are splashed on skin. Other chemical are not fatal but can make us unable to fight. Other can cause temporary blindness or confusion.


Together we stand


We will look into the community to find out what may be affecting our health, doing an extensive research. We will need to work together as community to overcome it. We need to try to keep us healthy, and safe trying to find...
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