Toddler vs Teenagers

Topics: Developmental psychology, Adolescence, Learning Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: October 5, 2011
By just hearing the words toddlers and teenagers you wouldn’t think there were many similarities. But think again, toddlers and teenagers have a lot more in common than you would think. Of course teenagers are a lot bigger and have more responsibilities then a toddler would, but I personally think they have more in common than in differences. Having two younger twin sisters that have just turned six and one half and me being eighteen I get to see all the similarities and differences in my everyday life.

Everyone knows that growing is a very important part of growing up and everyone has to do it. Toddlers and teenagers both go through physical changes during these times in their life. For toddlers growing is very important because that is the time when they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and exploring everything. This is the fun stage when toddlers become almost difficult to handle because they are just starting to walk and they start getting into everything possible. While teenagers aren’t in the beginning stages of walking or starting to explore everything they are growing in a different way. Teenagers go through many different physical changes, for example for guys their voice gets deeper and they grow facial hair. Every teen and toddler goes through all these different changes this all being a part of the growing stage.

Toddlers and teenagers are both known for getting into things they shouldn’t. I know personally how much toddlers love to get into things they shouldn’t be in. Then again with being eighteen I also know how much teenagers get into that they should not be doing. They both have that in common. Although the things teenagers get into more than likely have a greater consequence then what a toddler would have. For example toddlers seem to like to get into anything that’s not theirs, the consequence for that is way less than a teenager that gets caught getting drunk. They are both doing something they shouldn’t be...
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