Todd Anderson

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Todd Anderson: New kid doesn’t like to read. He is shy, caring; roommates with Neal, has big shoes to fill because of how much his brother was apart of the school when he went there. Neal is a honest kid.

Neil Perry: Kills himself, main part in the play mid summers night stream. His father is a jerk. His family isn’t very rich.

Charlie Dalton: Wants to be call Nawanda, very sarcastic, outgoing, Loyal, Carpe Deam, punch Cameron in the nose.

Knox: In love with Chris, takes her to the paly. Gets super drunk at a party and acts stupid. Goes to Chris’s school and recites his own play to her. He is Romantic.

Cameron: Red headed kid, pretty much the rat, very ambitious, and a trader.

Chris: Chris in love with a jerk, but probably going to fall for Knox who she went to the play with.

Mr. Keating: Doesn’t like to go with the flow, he likes everyone to be free thinkers, introduced Carpe deam to the boys, and the leader of the Dead poets Society. He was blamed for Neils death.

Mr. Noland: He is very conformed to society. He is a realist, and also an antagonist.

Welton Academy: An all boys’ school. Old fashioned strict traditional school. A Very expensive school; almost like military school. Four pillars: Honor, tradition, discipline, and excellence

1. decadence- moral decay. Without discipline there is decadence. Excrement- crap. The opposite of crap is excellence.
horrors- things that are terrifying. If you honor something, then you aren’t scared of it, or the consequences that come with honoring it. travesty- something bad that happened and then someone makes a mockery out of it. And keeping tradition keeps a travesty from happening. The boys take the four pillars as a complete joke.
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