Into the Wild Ch 10-13

Topics: Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, Christopher McCandless Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Julie Vang
English 85
Prof. Moua
25 March 2013
“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer
Chap. 10
1. Chapter 2 focuses on the discovery of Chris’ body.
2. The officials did not take the phone calls seriously at the beginning because of so many prank calls. 3. Based on the information Gallien gave, the Alaskan Troopers look at McCandless’ permanent address in Northen Virginia. It turned out to be a dead end because they found another Chris McCandless. 4. Sam McCandless is Chris’ older half brotherfrom his first marriage. They didn’t know each other because Sam grew up with his mother and was raised in California. 5. Jim Gallien and Wayne Westerberg contributed information regarding the dead body so Chris’ parents can be found.

Chap 11
1. Walt’s life was stressful because he worked all the time. (107) 2. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Chris’ grandfather, Loren Johnson was also a proud and stubborn individual who loved the woods, writes poetry, and a “self taught musician.” (108) 4. Chris was able to play the guitar, piano, and French horn. (110) 5. Chris didn’t like being told what to do, had little patience in “learning the finer points” of any sports, and “resisted instruction of any kind.” 6. He grew vegetables in the backyard and sold them door to door for money. (115) Chris also started his own copy business. (116) 7. Walt says Chris was “fearless.” (109)

8. Chris had Billie’s angelic features, especially her eyes. (110) 9. Buck was Carine’s puppy in which Chris became best friends with. (111) 10. The Road Warriors is a workout Chris invented and led his cross-country squad on; long, killer runs. (112) 11. One of Chris’ humanitarian act was spending ten dollars on a “big bag of hamburgers” and handing them to the homeless on the street. (114) 12. Chris was embarrassed by...
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