To Write as a Cook

Topics: Writing, Essay, Writing process Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: May 18, 2013
To Write as a Cook

Having a college writing class with the theme of Food for Thought, I am exposed to many different ideas of the food subject. I found that writing is like cooking. They both are a long process. However, I have gained a lot from the process of cooking, as well as writing. To create an essay is just like to create a dish: creativity and patience are always required. To me, writing is a difficult task to accomplish, for I do not have the sense of imagination and humor that a good piece of writing always requires. In addition, the major issue for me is my language problem. Moving from Hong Kong to the United States two years ago, I have very poor English and I struggled to adapt to the new writing style which I learned in high school. I have never learned any writing skills in Hong Kong. In high school, I learned to write, for the very first time, in the 5-paragraphs essay format, with a topic sentence as a requirement for starting each new body paragraph. Just as I started getting used to write in this kind of high school writing style, however, I came to college and, once again, faced new challenges in writing. The transition from high school writing to college writing is harsh and difficult. All of a sudden, I am exposed to a lot of new different ways to write. For example, I have moved from the old tedious 5-paragrpahs essay format to writing with multiple paragraphs. Although I face challenges during writing, I like to write and I have learned a lot of valuable writing skills. Like cooking, writing needs a lot of preparations and strategies, which I have not realized before I am in the College Writing Program. To start cooking, I need the basic ingredients and sometimes need to find the recipes before I make the food. For writing, I need thoughts and ideas in order to start. Sometimes I need to look over the related-materials or to do some researches for the writing. From this course, I have learned some ways to gather and...
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