To What Extent Was the Rebellion of the Northern Earls the Most Significant Rebellion in the Tudor Period

Topics: Tudor period, Mary I of England, Popular revolt in late medieval Europe Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: February 6, 2012
To What Extent was the rebellion of the Northern Earls
the most significant rebellion in the Tudor Period

To some extent the rebellion of the Northern Earls was the most significant rebellion in the Tudor period because they had proven to be a serious threat as the rebellion was lead by two of the leading families, Northumberland and Westmoreland. But despite this, I don’t think it was the most significant rebellion because if we put the fact they wanted to release Mary Queen of Scots, there was no purpose to the rebellion because there was no popular enthusiasm to replace Elizabeth with a foreigner or restore the Pope, and also the Earls (Northumberland and Westmoreland) were cowards to a point because as soon as they heard rumours that the queen had summoned massive forces for them, they turned around and headed back north instead of facing them. In my personal opinion, I think that the Pilgrimage of Grace was the most significant because it showed how to raise a large scale rising in a small period of time and it also showed the divided opinions of the people, as there were a variety of reasons; Religion, Political, Social and Economical.

The rebellion of the Pilgrimage of Grace, Henry’s reign, was perhaps the revolution in rebellions because although the Lancashire rising had raised 10,000 rebels in 10 days it was going to be like the calm before the storm because the rebels that fought for their beliefs in the Lancashire rising was about to be intensified with the Pilgrimage of Grace. The Pilgrimage of Grace managed to raise 30,000 rebels and actually managed to worry the government because they soon realised that the rebels were going to fight for their beliefs until death. The government was completely caught off guard with this rebellion as they didn’t expect a rebellion so soon after the rebels had been sent home by the Government’s Herald in Lancashire. In all the Pilgrimage of Grace was one of the better executed and planned rebellions in the...
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