The Battle at Bunker Hill

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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The American Revolution
The American Revolution was very interesting. Mercantilism and the Navigation acts were major causes for the American Revolution. The participants in the revolution varied. There were many important battles in the revolution. France on the rebel’s side played a major role in the revolution. There were also a lot of important events in the American Revolution. Mercantilism was a way that the king made money on his colonies. The Navigation Acts were acts to enforce Mercantilism. The rules were that you can only buy from or sell to the king. The king controlled the prices and told the colonies what to make. Mercantilism and the navigation acts were the Main cause for the revolution. The participants in the revolution were France, Rebels and some hired pirates who fought for the independence for the United states of America against England’s mighty army and the navy, the loyalist who were colonists who fought on the Kings side, some hired Indians and a lot of Hessians who were also hired as Mercenaries. The important battles in the revolution were The Battle at Bunker Hill because it showed them that they need an ally that produces supplies like gunpowder. The Battle at New York was important because it showed them that the rebels needed training. The Battle at Trenton was important because it was the first win for the rebels. The Battle at Saratoga was the turning point battle because it was a major win so France jumped in the war on the rebel’s side. The Battle at York town was where England surrendered.

France makes an offer to jump in the war on the rebel’s side if they declare independence and win a major battle against England. Later rebel’s win a major battle at Saratoga and declare themselves independent. France signs the treaty of alliance and sends troops and supplies to the rebels. The revolution became a world war so England surrendered because it was getting to expensive. Rebels get...
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