To Verify Stomata by a Experiment

Topics: Leaf, Stoma, Photosynthesis Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Objective :-
To prepare a temporary mount of a leaf peel to show stomata. B) Materials required :-
Fresh leaves of plant, compound microscope, glass slides, cover slips, water, glycerine, safranine, blotting paper, needles, brush etc.
C) Theory :-
i) Stomata are minute pore present on the surface of the
ii) Though they are found on both the upper and lower
epidermis of the leaf, they are more in number on the
lower epidermis.
iii) Each stoma has two bean shaped cells called guard
cells surrounded by epidermal cells.
iv) Each guard cell has a nucleus and a number of
chloroplasts. The inner wall of the guard cell is
thicker than the outer wall.
v) The guard cells controls the opening and closing of
the stomatal pore.
vi) The opening and closing of the stomatal pore is
controlled by the entry and exit of water to and from
the guard cells.
vii) The function of the stomata is the exchange of gases
and water vapour between the atmosphere and the
D) Procedure :-
i) Take a thin peel of the leaf by tearing it tangentially
from its lower surface.
ii) Put the leaf in a watch glass containing water.
iii) Add a few drops of safranine into the watch glass to
stain the peel.
iv) Take a clean glass slide and with the help of a fine
brush transfer the peel on to the glass slide.
v) Remove the excess water and stain by using blotting
vi) Put a drop of glycerine over the peel and gently place a cover slip over it with the help of a needle avoiding any air bubbles.
vii) Observe the peel first under the low power and then
under the high power of a microscope.
E) Observations and inference:-
i) Several stomata are observed surrounded by a layer
of epidermal cells.
ii) Each stoma has a stomatal pore and two bean shaped
guard cells containing a nucleus and chloroplasts....
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