To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Tasnova Hossain
English III
Mrs. Denis
To Kill a Mockingbird
The life of an author can greatly influence and inspire their work. In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Scout's life, the protagonist, parallels Lee's life in many ways, such as from the similar mischievous personality, rape case, and the familiar setting of where the character was born, which gives background information. It is clear from these many similarities how Lee's own life is influential and reflected in her work. As seen in the story, Scout was portrayed as a determined, brave, and curious tomboy. She had a hot temper when things didn’t go her way and would deal with her temper with her fists. Primary reason of her dealing with situations that way because of her determination to prevent herself from showing any girly traits, hence why she’d always beat those who antagonize her. She was always with her older brother, Jem playing outside along with her friend Dill, so she was an adventurous person. Scout also loved to read with her father every night which gives a sense that Scout is super bright and smart. Lee had a "gifted English teacher who introduced her to challening literature and the rigors of writing well" and hence why "Lee loved nineteeth-century British authors best" (The Big Read | To Kill a Mockingbird 1). Scout was definitely a troublemaker, constantly getting in trouble with her housekeeper, neighbors, even her teachers! Lee wasn’t any different. She was just as rebellious about displaying herself as feminine and was just as Tomboy as Scout. she was an "unruly tomboy" (The Big Read | To Kill a Mockingbird 1). She used to be a big trouble maker, carrying the same characteristics as she illustrates Scout as, beating up children to show her strength and doing what she felt was right, and basically being more wise and mature than other children. In like manner, both Scout’s and Lee’s father are both lawyers who studied Law at...