To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : August 20, 2012
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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout, has a particularly innate personality. Scout always does what she is told, unless she is with her brother Jem. When they are together she does whatever comes naturally to her. Scout is especially good, unusually intelligent, and remarkably unselfish. Scout has good intentions when planning her actions, most of the time. The one exception was when she acted profanely towards poor little Walter Cunningham. Scout’s dictum to Jem was, “He made me start off on the wrong foot.” (Lee 25) Towards the middle of the book, Atticus is talking contentiously with a group of men in front of the jail house. Scout and Jem are hiding near the jail listening to the malevolent conversation which occurring between the men. Scout comes out of no where and starts to talk quaintly to one of the men, who is later revealed as Mr. Cunningham. Scout called to Mr. Cunningham, “Hey, Mr. Cunningham. How’s your entailment getting’ along?” (174) She did this so that the men would have all of their attention on her instead of her father and Tom Robinson. Scout’s benevolence most definitely saved her father’s life. When Jem was being fractious about losing his pants at the Radley place, Scout knew that she was to leave him alone. “As Atticus had once advised me to do, I tried to climb into Jem’s skin and walk around in it: if I had gone alone to the Radley place at two in the morning, my funeral would held the next afternoon.” (65) These were some of Scout’s formidable thoughts after the night at the Radley place had occurred. When it comes to being exceptional, Scout is the one to read about in the novel. Scout learned how to read at a very young age. On her first day of school, the teacher acted overly frivolous towards her when Scout was reading. Miss Caroline believed that Atticus had taught Scout everything there is to know about reading. Miss Caroline didn’t want to be irascible...
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