To Investigate Customer Satisfaction Level of the Student Population in Regards to the School Cafeteria in Mdis

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Title: To investigate customer satisfaction level of the student population in regards to the school cafeteria in MDIS

1. Background

In 1988, Kopitiam Investment Pte Lte was set up in Singapore to secure a groundbreaking bid at S$2.1 million for a prime-site food shop. Since then the company has expanded at an alarming rate.

Today, the Kopitiam group is a leading name in the local food service management industry, being reputed for providing a comfortable, modern dining experience along with the authentic taste of local and international fare-all at competitive prices.

MDIS College is currently the school I am studying in. It is an established private school in Singapore offering preparatory courses for O levels and A levels, as well as providing overseas degrees and courses.

On the 28th February 2011, Kopitiam opened as the new main food provider in MDIS. Welcoming students, teachers and others to its food stalls.

1.1 Justification for Selection of Topic

Its been about half a year since the new school cafeteria “Kopitiam” in MDIS opened its stalls, and I seek to understand whether the change of the food provider from the previous coffee shop is a good thing or not. I have received various feedbacks about the food, prices and service about the Kopitiam and since I come to school everyday and eat at the Kopitiam everyday in school, I thought it would be very convenient and relevant to know more about the Kopitiam, and find out what works and what doesn’t in the F and B industry. This would greatly help if I were to become a manager in the industry in the future.

1.2 Research Problem statement
1.2.1 Objective
The Main objective of the research is to investigate the customer satisfaction level of the student population in regards to the school cafeteria in MDIS.

1.2.2 Sub-Objectives
In order to understand and know the customer satisfaction of Kopitiam in MDIS, it is necessary to consider contributing factors. -To find out whether the price is acceptable
-To find out the level of satisfaction of service in Kopitiam -To find out whether the customers are satisfied with the quality of food -To find out whether the customers feel the food is clean and safe for consumption -To find out whether the facilities and Kopitiam compound is clean and well maintained.

1.3 Scope

The scope of this research is mainly the student population, but excluding those who live in the MDIS hostel because their satisfaction level may greatly differ from the rest of the population due to the probable higher frequency of eating there.

2. Literature Review
2.1 Customer Satisfaction Theory
According to (N.D) Satisfaction is an overall psychological state that reflects the evaluation of a relationship between the customer/consumer and a company-environment-product-service. Satisfaction involves of the following three psychological elements: cognitive (thinking/evaluation), affective (emotional/feeling), and behavioral.

Expectations are that a product will produce certain outcomes given certain anticipated levels of performance based on previous affective, cognitive, and behavioral experiences. Expectations are often seen as related to satisfaction and can be measured as follows: -Importance: as value of product fulfilling the expectation

-Fulfillment of expectations: The expected level of performance vs. the desired expectations. This is “Predictive Fulfillment” and is a respondent specific index of the performance level necessary to satisfy.

-Expected value from use: Satisfaction is often determined by the frequency of use. If a product/service is not used as often as expected, the result may not be as satisfying as anticipated

This theory was considered when doing the questionnaires that we must first understand the student’s expectations of the Kopitiam first to get a better understanding of their level of satisfaction. However, since the expectations of the...
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