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In order for any business to succeed, that business needs to provide a good or service that will attract and satisfy a group of people. One of the most popular and profitable businesses in the United States is the college education business. Colleges compete annually in order to enroll the most qualified students and to provide a learning environment that will retain those students. Once the faculty senate understands how satisfied students are with the current operations, they can work to make improvements that are necessary to retain current students and attract new students. Research Dilemma:

Students College of Pennsylvania are not satisfied with several of the current operations at the college. Research Question:
What can the faculty senate improve on in order to increase satisfaction levels for students? Research Objective(s):
The purpose of this research is to discover the level of satisfaction with the student body at College of Pennsylvania. This investigation explores the levels of student satisfaction with dining experience, athletics, classroom resources, and overall convenience at College. Through statistical analysis, we plan to prove that there are necessary improvements that the college needs to implement in order to compete in today’s economy. Importance/ benefits:

In the current economic recession, College cannot afford to lose students to other colleges as a result of minor predicaments that can be easily changed. Before the faculty senate can improve college operations, they have to know which specific operations students are displeased with. We believe that the information contained through this investigation will decrease current student transfer rates. Moreover, we think that potential students, who visit College, will find the college to be more attractive if the problem areas in our investigation are corrected. Research Design:

Communication Approach: Ten students were interviewed before the data collection...
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