To Establish and Maintain a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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Compentency Goal I

To establish and maintain a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment

Functional Area 1: Safe

My goal is to keep the 3 to 5 year old children that attend Divine Children of Destiny Daycare as safe as possible while teaching them the importance of using safety skills they are being taught. Most children that age do not have knowledge from which to draw when they may be at risk for safety. My goal is to show them how to develop and achieve the necessary life long skills to have a safe and happy environment for themselves and others to play and learn.

I am current with CPR/First Aid Certifications to assist in emergency. I renew them annually.

I make sure all smoke/carbon d alarms are up to date and working properly. We practice
fire/tornado drills once a month.

I have pictures and all emergency numbers posted including poison control center and the provider and parents numbers.

I supervise the children when they are playing inside or outside. I respond immediately to the children if a problem occurs.

Functional Area 2: Healthy

My goal is to teach 3-5 year olds the importance of healthy habits of good nutrition for a healthy body and to have good oral hygiene, proper handwashing and to build and help the children build their sense of well being. These are skills they will have for life.

I teach the children how to wash their hands properly before and after every meal or snack, how to brush their teeth properly after every meal.

I let the children help prepare nutritious snacks from the five food groups (fruit, meats, vegetables, nuts, protein) and explain how they bodies and their brain will grow from the food choices.

I assist with making sure all children are up to date on their immunization and send home reminders to parents when it is time for immunizations and boosters to be administered.

I use family style meals that teach good eating habits and social language.

Functional Area...