To Err Is Wrong

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In Praise of the F Word

"In Praise of the F Word", written by Marry Sherry. The author talks about how it is a great tool to threaten students about flunking them. Marry states that every year many 18 year olds will receive their pointless diplomas. These high school graduates will get tricked by the education system. Students will pass high-school whether they had understood the information or not.

Marry mentions that she teaches basic grammar and writing to high-school graduates and high-school dropouts. In her classroom she asks her students to share their most horrible experience that they had in school. Most of her students have said" that they wish that someone would have stopped them from doing those horrible things," such as not being serious about their homework, partying all the time or etc. This example shows us that the students have realized their mistakes that they have made in their younger years and wish that they would not done that.

In one of Mary's examples she shares about Mrs. Stifter making a big change in some of the students lives like in her own sons life. When Mary's son was still in high-school he did not pay much attention to his school-work and would always sit in the back row talking to his friends. Marry had suggested to the teacher to move her son to the front row but Mrs. Stifter had told her that she was just going to flunk him. As soon as Marry had shared the bad news with her son she had suddenly noticed a big change in his life. Her son started taking his English class seriously and at the end of the semester he got an "A". In this example the author shows us what students will do when they are afraid of failing.

Marry believes that this principle to threaten students has worked in the past and should be used again. In-order for students to succeed in life they need just a little push.
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