Change Perspective

Topics: Change, Protagonist, Tess Gaerthé Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Changing perspective is a process where by your views on a topic are altered. Changing perspective ultimately changes one’s life. Culture, people and life experiences all affect the way our perspectives are molded. The 1999 hit visual text “Looking for Alibrandi” by Road Show Entertainment conveys a change in perspective. Looking for Alibrandi, a movie, directed by Kate Woods, demonstrates how change in perspective is active throughout the film. The most significant change however would lie with the main Character Josie Alibrandi who suffers racial/cultural discrimination, broken family relations and bullying at school. Josie is a typical teenager who believes she is in complete control of the life and has great, extra-ordinary dreams for herself. Life is good for Josie until two significant people come into Josie’s life; her father, Michael Andretti, and a local boy from another school, Jacob Coote.

At the start of the movie “Looking for Alibrandi” Josie saw her friend Jacob Coote as a slob from a public school. From her perspective there was no way that she could ever be with a boy like him. The voiceover when Josie is leaving the school dance with Jacob supports this by saying, “This isn’t right, I’m going home with the wrong guy!” showing the viewer she still has the same perspective about Jacob. However, on the ride home the expression on Josie’s face is one of fun and trust. The close zoom onto Josie’s face shows that Josie starts to change her perspective on Jacob, thinking he is not that bad of a guy after all. The conversation when they get off the motorbike supports this, by the two deciding to go on a date. As the film continues Josie mistakably meets her father for the first time. The composer uses a mid-shot to change our perspective on the situation. The shot is taken where Josie stares into the mirror touching her face. This changes her perspective because her father was dead to her. Seeing him for the first time stirs reality within her that...
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