To Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence I.....

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To advance physical and intellectual competence I must provide various amounts of equipment and activities as well as incentives that help promote the physical development of the children i serve. This happens due to my offering activities that will allow the children to use their small and large muscles. Children need these types of activities so they can become familiar with how to use these muscles and to develop their overall body conditioning and strength. Activities like throwing/rolling balls, moving arms up and down and even "simon says" will help children gain upper body strength. Activities such as jumping, running and balancing themselves will help them gain strength in the lower parts of their bodies. These activities allow them to work with their gross motor skills. Activities such as painting, puzzles, writing, coloring and playing with legos allows them to use their fine motor skills. I encourage children to use their cognitive skills. I do this by having children think about how to solve problems rather than simply asking a question and receiving an answer. For example, children asked “what happens if we bring snow into the classroom?” The children brought snow into the classroom to see if the snow stays the same or will it melt. We then discussed what happened and why it happened. I keep activities interesting so that the children will want to continue to learn and use their mind,instead of recieving the answers. I also encourage my students to be creative in thier thinking as well as in their actions and learning. Children should have the access to materials such as markers, crayons, paint, pencils, and paper. By having these materials being accessible, it will allow them to explore and be creative in their own ways. I play different genres of music including music from other countires and in different languages. Playing music encourages them to dance and play freely and that is also a way for youth to use their gross motor skills. In my...
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