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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Reading Response Journal: Session 3
Johnny Micka Pd. 6
Pg. 154: “As if that were not enough, the state legislature was called into emergency session and Atticus left us for two weeks.” * Infers that Cal had to take care of the kids like a mother. Pg. 157: Talk about how Jem is color blind when his suit looks weird. * Is he color blind of just a few colors or is it everything? Pg. 160: At church, the people are talking about the troubles of Tom Robinson. * Must be awkward since they are talking about how he was troubling when Atticus is defending him in a big court case. Pg. 162: “‘Nobody leaves here until we have ten dollars.’” * How much was ten dollars back then? Wouldn’t that be a lot of money? Pg. 168: “Aunt Alexandra was sitting in a rocking chair exactly as if she had sat there every day of her life.” * Why is she there at the Finch’s house?

Pg. 171: “I said I would love it very much, which was a lie, but one must lie under circumstances and at all times when one can’t do anything about them.” * Why does Scout not like her so much? Is it because she tries to make her more lady like? Pg. 173: Atticus mentions that they were the first Finch family not to marry its cousins. * That is really weird. Are you even allowed to do that now? Pg. 178-179: The whole Finch family is getting in fights which are very odd. * What is going on to their family?

Pg. 182-183: Aunt Alexandra is trying to get Calpurnia to leave, but Atticus explains how she is very important to the Finch family. * Finally Atticus is getting assertive. It is his house and she doesn’t control it. Pg. 186: “Suddenly a filthy brown package shot from under the bed. Jem raised the broom and missed Dill’s head by an inch when it appeared.” * Why would someone do that? And how did get into their house? Pg. 195: “‘Link, that boy might go to the chair, but he’s not going till the truth’s told.” * Are they talking about Tom Robinson going to the “electric” chair? Pg....
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