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My favourite leisure activity
Are you tired from working? I am quite sure that everyone will say ‘Yes’, so am I. Each person has different free time as it depends on how these persons can organize their time. Some say, their free time can be after lunch or 20 minutes before going back to work but some say that free time for them are on weekends only. According to Macmillan English Dictionary 2007, leisure means the activities that we do to relax or enjoy ourselves or our free time. So what will I do when I have free time? There are many activities to kill our free time, such as reading, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with friends or sleeping, and so on. I prefer to spend my free time reading novels. I can read any type of novels but my favourite books are about fantasy, horror and romance, for example; Harry Potter, Midnighters, Princess’s Diary, Love Online, Chasing the Dime and The Narrow, which I am trying to finish the readings soon. I love reading because I can read anywhere I want, even if I use the rest room, and reading cost us nothing because if we do not have money, exactly we can borrow books from the library. I quite disagree when people say reading means we are not socialising because whatever I read I can share it with persons who are interested. The other advantage of reading for me is that I can improve my English reading skills because I always choose novels which are written in English. Preferably thus, whenever I have free time, I love to open a book and start reading it. I can remember my father’s words- the best time killer is reading because not only will you improve reading skills but you will also remember and understand some sentences or phrases which you can later write them to improve you writing skills as well.
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