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Facial cleanser
Instead of soap clean face with one spoon milk, mixed with a pinch of turmeric.| | Lotion night nourishing
Mix few drops of glycerin, olive oil & rosewater in one big spoon milk. Apply it regularly on face, neck & hands before sleeping at night. Wipe it with tissue paper, with light hands in morning. Bath with lukewarm water.| | Body lotion

Apply glycerin, mixed with rosewater & limejuice on face, neck & hands every night.| | Olive oil skin care
10 minutes before bathing apply olive oil mixed with few drops of rosewater on whole body. Take bath after this.| | Beautiful skin
Apply cucumber juice, rosewater & glycerin mixture on face regularly. It will make the skin beautiful.|

Skin glow
Mix gram flour with dried shells of orange, a pinch of turmeric & lime juice. Apply on face neck & shoulders. After 15 minutes wash with water. It will bring glow on skin.| | Glow skin care

Dip black sesame seed in water in the night. Mash it with without boiled milk in the morning. Apply it on face. It will give glow to skin.| | Face pack
Mash banana with rosewater. Make paste. Apply it on face. After 15 minutes wash your face.| | Beautiful skin tip
Mix bottle gourd juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice . Apply it on face twice in a day with the help of cotton.| | Facial
Keep orange juice for one hour in sunlight. Mix millet's husk in it. Massage your face with this paste. It is the best facial.| | Remedy dry skin
To remove dryness of skin mix gram flour with curd. Apply it on face & body. Remove it after drying.| | Home made face pack
Mix wheat husk ( refuse) with tomato pulp. Apply this paste on face & body. After10 minutes wash it.| | Face mask
Make the paste with gram flour, barley flour, mustard oil, pinch of turmeric & one spoon clotted milk. Apply it on whole body. After 5 minutes, remove it & bath with lukewarm water.| | Pore cleanser

Dip 4 almonds in milk for night. Mash it in morning. Mix 2 spoon clotted cream & rose water. Apply it on body before bathing. It will open the pores of skin.| | Secret to beautiful skin
Mix 2 spoon without boiled milk, 1/2 spoon lemon juice & pinch of turmeric. Apply it on face.| | Homemade face mask
Mix yellow ochre, sandal powder, rose water & turmeric. Make its paste. Keep it in fridge. Apply it on face daily.| | Glowing complexion
Take neem, turmeric & sandal in equal quantity. Grind it . Apply it on face. It clears the color of skin & brings glow on face.
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Beautiful face
Boil cumin in water & wash your face with it. It make's the face beautiful.| | Dry skin care
For dry skin, mash apricot with milk. Apply it on face. It will bring softness & oiliness on face.| | Face glow
Mix turmeric in tomato pulp. Make it's mixture & apply it on face. After one hour wash it with lukewarm water. It will glow the face.| | Anti aging
People who have dull skin, should eat emblic myrobalan mixed with sugar candy. It keeps the body fit & young, avoids old age.| | Massage oil
To make the massage oil, boil dry emblic myrobalan, harira, neem seeds, turmeric & black pepper seedsin coconut oil & keep it to get cold. Before bathing massage with this oil. It will make the body fresh.| | Cleanser

Take cotton. Dip it in without boiled milk. Clean your face with it.| | Face mask recipe
Apply face pack of tamarind once in a week. For this dip 10 gm tamarind in water & filter its pulp. Mix yellow ochre in this pulp & make its paste. Apply it on face & neck for 10 minutes & than wash your face. Apply moisturizer on your face. Do it regularly for one month. There will be a beautiful change on your face.| | Dry skin treatment

Mix a pinch of orange shell powder with lemon juice & apply it on face. There will be glow on face & will remove dryness of skin.
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