Time Management

Topics: Management, Planning, Time management Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Time management is a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when I need to accomplish specific tasks, projects, and goals. The following paper will inform the reader on how time management errors can occur and some information that can be found to help resolve these issues. Once this information is found, it can be used to evaluate and further resolve time management issues.

One of many problems I have today is the way I manage my time. In recent years the pace of everyday life has picked up but time has remained the same. Therefor it is of greater importance that I find ways and means to manage my time better.

To manage my time more effectively, I must view time management as more than just one skill. For example, prioritizing, setting goals, and delegating are just a few factors that make up time management. When I determine which time management skills are my strengths and which are challenging I can set a course of action. The use of time is not the same for everyone. I tend to need more time to complete projects than others. One key in proper time management is to develop a personal time plan. [Time is like money, they both need to be spent wisely] (Kay, 2011). As I grow older and take on more projects, there is not enough time in a day to finish them, which results in substandard work. To help me in spending my time wisely, I must create a time budget.

To evaluate time management, determine strengths and challenges (weaknesses). Two strengths I have are organization and planning. My organizational skills give me structure. Certain tasks have to be done a certain way at a certain time. I use a yearly calendar to plan my days, weeks, months, and year. Procrastination and my lack of ability to delegate to my family are challenges. A time budget is also important in that how I budget my time will help to structure my time.

When I find my specific strengths and challenges, according to Kay (2011) “[then develop an...
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