My Personal Plan

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My Personal Plan

December 12, 2011
John Dean

My Personal Plan

* Introduction
Success needs lots of preparation. If I want to become successful in my life, I need to be well prepared. Before starting my graduate study I have set certain goals for my life that will set me on the route to success. These goals will take me through life and let me live the kind of life I have dreamed about. I have set some personal goal and professional goals. Personal Goal

i. Optimize my time more- I have noticed that I am not a morning person, and there are many occasions where I could better use my time. ii. Be a better example for my kids-- I want to provide my kids better education and future. One day they will know how education is important. I always say to them “education is wealth and nobody can steal it” from you. Even though my kids are little but one day they will understand. iii. Staying Healthy- My family and I are vegetarian. I have to cook three meals a day for my family. My goal is to provide healthy nutritious food to my family instead buy something frozen section. * Professional goals

i. Obtain my graduate degree- My main goal to achieve my graduation degree so I can take my step forward. ii. Acquire a superior job so I might better provide for my family- After I obtain my degree, my next priority would be to obtain a good job, preferably as an executive director at a health care facility. Reason for pursuing graduate studies

I have three main reasons to pursuing my graduate study. First, I am a CNA in assisted living but I wanted to be a RN. The main problem was I have to go to campus but with family and overnight job it was very hard for me to start my study. I passed two years. In between we bought a new house. After that I was facing new challenges examples mortgage, other new bills. At the same time I was thinking to boost my career because in CNA job too much input and output is less. I had become so...
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