Time Management

Topics: Management, Quality control, Investor's Business Daily Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Time Management
I am always super busy. Being a full-time single mother of three children, a cook, a maid and the list just goes on and on. Now that I’m a full-time student, time management is a skill that I must develop quickly. In order to manage my time I have found three tips to follow; setting priorities, quality control and staying focused.

On your to-do-list, prioritize each task not by what’s most urgent, but by what is most significant to long-term objectives, suggest Turla (Mink, (2012), A03). Quality control, which means get organized, keep up with your household duties, study habits, the children and your files. Organizing all your documents is very important. All necessary information should be available at your fingertips without wasting time searching (Quality Progress (11/2012), 45.11, pp.16-22). My last tip for time management is staying focused. Get rid of all distractions, especially the ones that are not of importance. Tell yourself you’ll update Facebook only when you’ve completed your task (De Vita, (2/2012):49). With these three steps I will be able to have time to complete everything on my daily schedule, maybe even have time to relax and enjoy life a little more. Let me know if you have tried these tips or if you’re going to try them, I would like to know how it works out for you. References

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