Time Machine

Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Time Machine
If I had a time machine and could bring back one person from the past I think it would be the singer Left Eye. I would bring her back so I can interview her because before she died I didn’t really believe in spirits coming after you until it happened to her. I think the way she died was really scary and I would like to ask her about how she went thru everything with knowing that spirits were after her. If I was to bring Left Eye back the first thing I would do bring her to her family and the people that was in her singing group. I would let them greet and meet her all over again and spend time together. The next thing I would do is show her how much people have missed her by showing her interviews, blogs, and the shows that were made about her after she died. I think after that Left Eye would want to go out and show herself to her fans on TV and do a couple of interviews and get some things that aren’t true clear. I would let Left Eye do all the stuff that she want to do but I would ask her if she could come back to me so that I can have a chance to interview her. If people asked why it was her that I decided to bring back, I would say that I bought her back because I don’t think she died in a peaceful way and that it wasn’t fair the way it happened. Also because I wanted to know her side of the story and not her friends, families, and everybody else who think they knew what really happened but really don’t. Another reason is because I really wanted her to know how much people have missed her and that TV shows celebrate the day of her birthday and the day of her death every year and that nobody forgot about her. When I finally get my time to interview her, I think we would go to a restaurant. When we get there I would ask her questions like how long did she know spirits were after her, was she ever scared because she always made it seem like she wasn’t scared, did she think she deserved it or did something to cause it, if she was still alive do...
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