Ethics of Birth Control

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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1. An ethic which I live by which has benefited me is honoring the dead. My family also believes in this ethic so it has given me more to look forward to and by that being said it is obvious it keeps me grounded to. Recently my grandmother past away this year, but before she did go from this place and on to the next it was a promise I made to her that I would finish college. So to honor her name my goal is to finish community college, then get into Harvard University.

I plan to continue my education into the medical field, and I know that is what she would have wanted. My grandmother was named Queen E. Woodard, which later became Moore from my grandpa who had two kids my mother and my uncle who all told me that honoring someone death wish will also give you a great since of your place in the world. Sometimes I feel her spirit inside of me and feel stronger than I ever have before mind, body, as well through my soul. She always would tell me how important it was to have a higher education by sides high school, or having a GED, she always said, “That’s not enough in this day and age, if you want to make something of yourself and be really successful, it’s that form of paper you need from some kind of higher institution and show you the world you wanted it, because time waits for no men/women. I have always honored the dead wish which has gotten me where I am today. It’s a part of who we really are underneath the flesh and bones is how we respect one another and treat one another. Now some may say it’s just the dead and maybe you should just do your own thing, well that’s fine if that is what you believe in we all have our pride. Most of us have done this at least once in our lives from what scientist say. Which I agree with them, it has history people all over the world practice different ways to honor the dead, from Halloween, Day of the dead, a walk for the dead etc.. It has been proven that those who celebrate the dead seem to be more...
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