Time Context

Topics: Philippines, Metro Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Time context
June 1976
* A CyGy garment was established by Guia Collantes and Carmela Santos. September 1976
* The cousin’s started researched, copied, revised and altered designs from magazines, stores and television and they finished their first fashion collection. 1977
* Cy Gy garment got their first expansion acquiring six industrial machines and hiring more sewers. By end of 1991
* Their employee was 25 workers.
* Their manufacturing has with 12 subcontractors, that capacity up to 18,000 pieces a month. * Their making ravenous of about P14 M per year, they focus their production on making SM’s private labels ladies’ wear brand.

* Were especially challenging years for the company. This was the time when the Philippine economy experienced a slump due to Ninoy Aquino’s assassination which brought about political and economic instability. 1986

* CyGy Garments began to prosper, because of economy slightly improved. * CyGy orders expanded to 150 pieces /style and average of 4 to 5 styles per week. * During this time, entrepreneurs began to time into garments manufacturing and more ladies were manufactures have SM suppliers. 1990’s

* Metro manila was plagued with 10-12 brown outs, this compelled CyGy to purchase a generator to continue their operations. 2000
* Half of the garment racks that CyGy used to occupy in SM selling floor are being used to display goods from other local and imported garment manufacturer. * They noticed that ordered from SM were slowly dividing. * They sample were submitted frequently being rejected or when the samples were on hold. * SM asked for lower prices

* They expected that the ordered volume should increase with new malls operation. * An (October) new mall in operation has initiated orders for that month.

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If I were being in a situation like this, I design...
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