Three Societal Institutes, Specifically Family, Government and Religion, Play a Role in Marriage and Mate Selection

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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This research paper is about three societal institutions, including: family, government and religion, which do in fact play a role in marriage and mate selection. I will be looking at this from an exchange theory point of view. So I will be presenting these points as how the costs can outweigh the rewards, deeming the relationship not worth your time. Essentially outlining how worth = rewards - cost. Family, if not agreed with your choice of mate, could virtually destroy the whole relationship. The government’s laws could alter your decision on a mate and marriage due to all the legal hassle than it can cause. Finally religion, which can cause many disputes with you partner regarding family, family practices, holidays, children and each other’s point of views. These three social institutes can have a huge impact on your life; specifically mate selection and marriage wise.

Family is one of the social institutes that can play a huge role in whom you may chose as a mate and may or may not marry. If you family is not supportive in your choice of partner you will most likely not chooses him as a spouse (Grover, K.J. 1985). It just simply will not work out. If your family keeps nagging you about your partner or keeps criticizing and just refuses to act civil it will your mate angry and cause a multitude of fights. This will almost definitely lead to a break-up. In the end your family will have stopped you from choosing that mate because of their lack of support. If you do manage to get married by just ignoring the family it will cause marital disputes due to the family and almost definitely end in divorce.

Government is another societal institute that could play a role in marriage as well as mate selection. Getting impregnated out of wedlock can cause a horde of legal issues whether or not the baby daddy is in the picture. More specifically, the law would have to deal with thing like child custody and child support. Or in another scenario if you may not think...
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