Three Disciplines

Topics: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Three Disciplines all appeal to me in some ways, but if I had to choose between anthropology, psychology, and sociology, I would have to choose psychology. The reasoning behind it will be explained in detail but it can be broken down to three main reasons; being the first discipline with verified results and facts rather than unproven theories, having more post-high school opportunities considering that I wish to pursue a career in business, and being the most in-depth discipline. Psychology has more quantitative information, more interesting career opportunities and more systemized in comparison to anthropology and sociology.

My character is very self-assured and I am not convinced easily, so with all my stubbornness, I cannot be persuaded by theory, I need proof. In 1879, Wilhelm Wundt opened the first experimental laboratory in psychology at the University of Leipzig, Germany (WGBH Educational Foundation, 2001). Obviously one would know that the beginning of psychology did not start exactly when the laboratory in Germany was opened, but the first sign of actual documentation and recording of results in a scientific environment was created. Laboratories were places where psychologists like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner and more would be taken seriously when they would introduce their ideas of psychoanalytic theory, the conscious and unconscious mind, analytical psychology, collective conscious, unconditioned and conditioned response and stimulus, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning (Collinshaw & Kritzer & Warecki, 2011, p. 59, 61, 64, 65).

”In the 1870s, zoos became unattended “laboratories”, especially with the so-called “ethnological exhibitions” or “Negro villages”.” (Wikipedia, 2011). The earliest anthropological laboratories were the use of zoos, which is very hard to take seriously, even though it makes sense. Anthropology is the scientific study of the origin, the behaviour, and the physical, social,...
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