Anthropology Op-Ed

Topics: Institutional review board, Science, Scientific method Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: March 4, 2013
When Enough is Enough by Ashley Torres

Since the beginning of their knowledge, anthropologists have studied virtually every imaginable aspect of other peoples' lives such as culture and land, but what of the examination of anthropology itself, and of its plans and theories?

Medicine keeps improving healing and creating treatment to protect certain illnesses. However, one could raise a quite significant issue about the means utilized to test such treatments. What can prove those tests are helpful instead of harmful? This is when humans start being used as experiments. But when does experiments on humans become unmoral and go too far?

The Institutional Review Boards is a board that has been properly designed to approve, monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research involving humans. The research must protect human research participants from undo harm by following the three basic ethical principles: Respect for Persons, Beneficence, and justice. The common rule has uniformed set of rules to protect human subjects that is followed by the IRB. In other countries, different names might be used for these committees. Such as in Canada where it is called Review ethics Boards who also review research done on human subjects taking in consideration their rights, values, and dignity.

Though both these policies do protect human subjects to ensure their safety and wellbeing they do not exactly state how much freedom researchers are allowed to use when conducting an experiment nor does it specify that it must be only to promote positive outcomes for the entire population. So when does too much research become enough?

Most of society sees it as the IRBs should appreciate that for some components of a study, participants might suffer risks with no personal potential benefit for example, when doctors infected solders, prostitutes, and the mentally ill with sexually transmitted disease in Guatemala in order to find a cure. For these elements, there should...
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