Threat of Technology

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  • Published : May 25, 2011
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Technology is a Threat, but Also a Necessity

50 years ago, computers were the size of an entire room. Today, a computer can fit inside a backpack or even the back pocket of your jeans. Over the years, technology has been greatly improved affecting the lives of all people. Technology has changed the way people socialize and perform their daily activities. Technology is one of the main driving forces of the future. Technology has enhanced the quality of life for humans. There are many different views of technology. Many argue that technology has made life less complex. Others argue that technology is harmful to the civilization of mankind. Technology has impacted mankind by improving their lives, threatening human livelihood, and by hindering social contact.

Technology has modified humans by making their lives more convenient in their fast and busy lives. Technology plays a major role in every aspect of human life. Technology is much needed to uncomplicate peoples’ lives so that they can perform their daily issues rapidly and easily. The story “There Will Be Soft Rains” by Rad Bradbury illustrates the privilege of having technology. In the story, the computer house stated the date and announced that today was Mr. Fatherstones birthday, the anniversary of Tiltas marriage, and that the water, insurance, gas and light bills were due. (Bradbury, 1) This demonstrates how technology organized the residents that lived in the house. The residents relied on technology to make their lives less complex. The residents of the house had technology to sort out their daily affairs which made their lives easier and quicker. However, technology has also taken its toll on humans by threatening their lives.

Technology has affected humans by threatening their livelihood. Many might not know it, but technology has a down side. Millions of lives have suffered because of today’s technology. Radioactivity and weapons are one of the many inventions that threaten the lives of...
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