Thor Movie Essay

Topics: Thor, Hero, Norse mythology Pages: 3 (1325 words) Published: April 30, 2013
ENG3U1 – Movie Essay

The 2011 movie, “Thor” tells the story of a prince of the planet Asgard who is sent to Earth after betraying his father, King Odin. His power is taken from him, and he cannot return until he proves himself worthy of his power. With the help of his friends, he eventually returns and defeats his brother Loki, who tries to betray him to become king of Asgard. This hero story shows very distinct characters who are heroic and monstrous and they tie in to two articles written in 2010. The first article talks about ways that a skinny man can get muscular because muscular men are clearly more attractive and wanted by women. The second explains the drop in publicity for women’s sports in the last decade. The values of the hero in Thor and of the women in the movie tie into the issues shown in the above articles. Therefore, Thor is greatly influenced by the events of the year 2010.

The importance of strength and muscle in men has been a big issue since the beginning of time, and has increased a lot in the past few years. Men with little or no muscle are thought to be incapable of fighting, so they cannot protect the people they love. The importance for men not to be skinny is growing, and can be seen in the movie, Thor. The hero in the movie, Thor, is portrayed as being extremely strong and is very muscular. His muscles are shown constantly throughout the movie, and he is shown in one scene with no shirt on, with two women making comments about how fit he is. Unlike Thor, the “monster” in the movie, Thor’s brother Loki is not very built. He is a much smaller guy, so clearly he has to be the one to lose the fight in the end. While Thor uses his strength in battle, Loki must resort to using magic and tricks in order to defeat his enemies. In the first battle between Thor and the enemies of the Asgardians, the Frost Giants, he is able to defeat hundreds of giants using just his strength, which is represented by his mighty...
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