Thomas Kinsella

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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as kinselaWords:873 Peter Cosgrave 04February “In his poetry Thomas Kinsella explores interesting ideas in a memorable way.” In response to the above statement, write an essay on the poetry of Thomas Kinsella. Support the point you make with reference to the poetry on your course. In this essay I am going to talk about the interesting way Kinsella writes his poetry. I will be referring to a few of his poems in this piece such a Mirror in February and Tear. I think Kinsella’s poetry is rooted in his own individual experiences, yet it is poetry that speaks to many in a memorable way. For instance Thinking of Mr. D is a poem about a man Kinsella knew slightly yet he is fascinated by this man’s nature. He describes him as “a man still light of foot, but ageing, took an hour to drink his glass” this description tells us about his physical characteristics but more so about his actual character. He is a man in a pub, most men or women in a pub go there for one reason in particular to get drunk but Mr. D wasn’t, he was there to listen. This deliberately measured action seems to reflect a calculating nastiness “his quiet tongue danced to such cheerful slander”. We all know or at least know of this sort of person ,the person who sits quietly in his spot and once you leave you fell the slander against your back as the crowd laughs. Yet this doesn’t give him joy as he knows his end is near. In Kinsella’s poetry he touches on the more difficult and challenging topics in thinking of Mr. D. Kinsella talks about Mr. D but not just about his character as I described earlier but also the memory of those how have gone before , even if he wasn’t a loved one that memory haunts us all the same. He seems to be haunted by the memory of Mr. D “once where he used to retire” probably on a bar stool and “once down by the river under...
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