Third Rock

Topics: Motivation, Reinforcement, Operant conditioning Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Third Rock Assignment

1. Reinforcement Theory
In this episode, Dick is having dinner in a restaurant with Mary and attempts to understand the process of tipping. Mary explains to Dick that the money used for tipping is for rewarding the waitress for the service. According to the Reinforcement Theory, if the consequences following the waitress’ service are favorable, she is more likely to demonstrate similar behaviors in the future. But, if the customers do not tip the waitress, she is less likely to demonstrate similar behaviors in the future. Later, Dick and Mary go back to the same restaurant, but this time, Dick initiates a different approach for tipping. He tells the waitress at the beginning that her tips (reward) will change during the dinner time: he will add money to the tips if he is satisfied with her service (positive reinforcement), but he will take some money off the pile as soon as he is dissatisfied (punishment). This is his way of motivating the waitress to provide with an excellent service. By decreasing the tips, Dick tries to reduce the frequency of undesirable behaviors from the waitress. Punishment involves presenting negative consequences following unwanted behaviors, for instance, serving a drink to the wrong customer.

2. Expectancy Theory
Dick expects a certain level of service to give the waitress a tip. At the same time the waitress is expecting a tip. Dick expects that the level of service at the restaurant be better than just good and while expecting this he thinks that the waitress does not expect a tip for the service being performed because she is already being paid through the bill. Dick expects that the service be exceptional despite the fact that the waiter is expecting a tip regardless of the service. He also expects that they would not do anything to their food in the process.

3. Goal Setting Theory
The Goal-Setting Theory is applicable in this video because both patrons in the matter (Dick and the Waitress)...
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