Things Fall Apart

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Civilization Pages: 4 (618 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Umofia is a place where people have a different life style then there is in a

modern society. People in Umofia are both civilized and savage at the same time.

There are both of the civilized and savage sides of the society but mostly they are

old-fashion minded. For example, in Ibo society they do not value women at all,

they are not equal by laws, they do not have any protection or any rights, etc. I

am going to define the terms civilized and savage firstly.

First of all, a civilized society has laws that are fair for people’s own

protection. In a civilized society, people must be free and be able to make their

own decisions. In Ibo society, sometimes-even men are not allowed to give their

own decisions and I think Umofia is only civilized in some ways. In a civilized

society, each person have equal rights like; speaking and thinking freely,

expressing freely, being able to make your own decisions. Also, there must be

certain rules, laws and punishments to protect the people. In Ibo society there

are no laws to protect people and only men and high status people have their

own freedom. For example, women have no value or any kind of right to protect

their selves, for men women are just able to give birth to children and do house

jobs and men are beating them or the children heavily as they want.

Secondly, a savage society is a society, which is not domesticated or cultivated,

in other words kind of barbaric. In “Things Fall Apart” we can see in many ways

that the Ibo society is not civilized at all and there is a savage system going on in

the society. There is no justice between the people, the weak has no value

among the society and only the strongest wins and gets some things. The trials,

social and family rituals, the marriage customs, preparation processes for food

production, leadership in the community religious beliefs are all...
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