They Have the Right to Know

Topics: Adoption, Mother, Father Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 13, 2013
A mother’s love is very big, and a child existing the mother’s women is great and amazing .it when they both, mother and child have a mind blowing bonding experience. Imagine if you didn’t know your mom or dad, and the people you thought were your parents were just everyday normal people, wheeling to take you in. wouldn’t you feel betrayed it’s a proven fact that 3 out of 5 adopted children grow up disliking their adoption parents. The fact that they weren’t told, and they found out them self’s, Is sad, but adopting parents think their perfecting them and they have good intentions, but the child has the right to know, I believe the parents should tell the kid as soon as he/she is able to understand the situation , because more than 70%of parents give up their children , not because they don’t love them but because they have no money and cannot support them and want nothing but big and great things for that child. When the parents grow up, and get their life on track and aren’t able to have that kid back by their side. so the parents not telling the kids that he/she is adopted is making, mother father, and child miss out on the opportunity to gain or have that incredible bond aging I think I would be pissed to find out myself that im adopted. I would just be thinking well, I was given away ...why? And I wouldn’t know anything and us as humans it’s completely natural to fear the unknown The kid has a bigger chance becoming a psychopathic killer ,ok not that bad but very disobedient and non affectionate because he would feel un wanted witch I think is normal I was kicked out not giving away but kicked out and I felt horrible and hated the feeling but it was the truth and that’s what we deserve and the adopted children should know the truth wither the parents didn’t want him/her or they didn’t have the money or support from anyone or anything witch I think is understandable and it will give them a chance to redeem them self believe it or not but a lot of...
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