Thesis Chapter 4

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This chapter presents the analysis and interpretation of data gathered out of the instruments used in the study, and is presented according to the specific problem sited in chapter 1 and should present the answer to the test of the hypotheses. The result of the study is presented using the tabular presentations (use of statistical table), graphical presentation (use of graphs), and textual presentations (use of statements or sentences). 4.1 Tabular Presentations

The statistical table should always have the following part. 1.Table number – written in Arabic numerals and is placed at the center of the table above the title. Each table is numbered consecutively through out the chapter. 2.Table title- written below the table number describing the subject matter or content of the table presented. The title is presented in V- shape or pyramid form. 3.The table itself.

4.2 Textual Presentations
Use statements or sentences with numerals in order to describe the data purposely to invite attention to some significant data. This presentation usually precedes the table or the graph with mixture of words and numbers in statements. 4.3 Graphical Representations

A diagram consisting of lines showing variation, changes or relationship of the data in a most attractive, effective, and convincing way. It is according to their qualitative, geographical and chronological attributes. It includes the following parts:

1.Graphical Number- usually written as Figure No. ____ at the bottom of the graph. 2.Graph Title – Name of graph
4.Presentation – explanation in narrative form.
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