Topics: Want, Education, University Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: March 21, 2013
University of the Eastern Philippines

Financial Problems of the students in Collegio de San Lorenzo ruiz de Manila What really causes this?

Philip David Chin
Mark Kevin Pepito
Raea Alyanna Arnaiz
Denise Espinosa
Carmila Javier



Background of the Study
Many college students struggle with their studies because of financial problem. And this is one of the reasons why many students are stress, and they can’t focus on their studies. And some learners would give up on going to school and look for a job to help their family in money problems.

Also in college, money is really important especially if the student is living in a boarding house. They have to manage their money every day for food, school projects, and personal needs. And they need to be responsible where they have to use their money to be able to survive.

In addition, some collegians that have no money can’t do anything at school except to expect on whatever comes. This means that, they only expect someone else to do the job when it is related to money. For example, they have a group money distribution because of the things they need to buy. An educatee that has no good in his pocket wouldn’t be able to contribute and the result might come to an expectation that someone else will provide.

Statement of the problem
College students face several unique financial problems. With the increasing cost of a college education, students find themselves in precarious fiscal situations. Moreover, this study seeks to this matter. 1. Why are they having this kind of problem?

2. What do they spend on mostly?
3. How do they manage their money?

Objective of the study
Pointing out “money”, specifically, is a critical factor for achieving goals. Wherefore money limits and controls us from opportunities. Yes it does, and that is the opportunity of education.
Considering the fact that education today is...
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