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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Part 1:
Thesis Statement: A turbocharger is an excellent component and can be utilized to improve fuel economy, increase overall horsepower, and enhance the engine’s towing ability. I developed this thesis by using my knowledge of the different applications turbochargers are used on. Many vehicle manufacturers these days prefer to use smaller displacement engines and add turbochargers in order to produce a vehicle that gets great gas mileage, while not sacrificing power. I did not do any research on the topic prior to developing this thesis. I would like to test my knowledge on the topic by proving or disproving my thesis statement through research. I have taken a stand in my thesis, and I do not think research will change it. If my thesis is proved wrong after I research my topic, then I will expand on that in one of my main body paragraphs. I plan on outlining my essay by starting with an introductory paragraph about the general use of turbochargers and the different applications they are used on. My introductory paragraph will end with my thesis statement and lead into my first main body paragraph. I plan on talking about the use of turbochargers to improve fuel economy in my first main body paragraph. The second main body paragraph will be used to explain how different size turbochargers affect the results of the engine’s overall horsepower. The third and final main body paragraph will be about how turbochargers are used on applications that require a great amount of torque, such as tractor-trailers and turbo-diesel trucks. I will end my essay with a conclusion paragraph that restates my thesis and identifies whether or not my thesis was correct or incorrect. Part 2:

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Turbochargers offer one of the main routes to reducing CO2 emissions. As well as cutting CO2...
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