There Is No Hope in Doing a Perfect Research

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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There is no Hope of Doing Perfect Research
Griffiths (1998, p97) argued that there is no hope of doing perfect research. This statement has raised debates on whether it is true or not. Personally, I agree with him. I also do believe that there is no hope of doing perfect research. A person needs to understand what is meant by the words research and perfect before he or she agrees or disagrees with the statement. The word research can be defined as a studious examination or inquiry. Researches are used to institute or substantiate facts, develop new theories or support theorems, solve existing or new issues, or reaffirm the conclusions of preceding work. The word perfect on the other has the same meaning with words like complete, accurate, and flawless (Ary, Jacobs and Sorensen 23).

From the definition of research, one can be able to tell that researches are aimed at solving problems on a temporary basis. They are also aimed at enhancing previous theories or coming up with new ones. This means that research finding can be disputed whenever new ideas are developed. Linking research with perfectness, the question one needs to ask him or herself is whether there is a research that has been done that is absolutely perfect or accurate and does not need any alteration. The simple answer to this question is no. All researches that have been done in the past have been altered in one way or another (Badke 54).

Scientists, for example, have engaged themselves in discovering what the world is made up off. However, there conclusions are challenged on a daily basis whenever new discoveries are made. A good example is the solar system. All along it was known that the solar system has nine planets. Nevertheless, in 2006 a research carried out by International Astronomical Union changed all this, when they excluded Pluto from the nine planets. The main reason being that there were new rules that defined what to be called a...
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